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So one of my favorite couples, Carolyn & Jason,  asked recently about some family portraits that they wanted to do. Since they will be adding a “new bundle of joy” coming up in April, this was a perfect time to also get some maternity pics for Carolyn. Soon to be big brother Henry had a blast running around Hampton Park looking at the ducks in the pond and all of the different colored flowers in the park.  I just love it when I can photograph a couples wedding and then continue on as they grow their family. Congrats on baby #2!! 🙂

Click on their slideshow below!

Family portraits in Charleston SC

charleston family portraits

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A few months ago I picked up a couple of the Fstoppers Flash Discs from Patrick Hall and Lee Morris. Now that I’ve had a few events to try them out in real world conditions, I thought I’d write a quick review since so many other photographers have been asking me about them.

Now what I really like about the Flash Disc is how small and compact it really is. It folds up nicely and fits in my camera bag where I keep all of my shoot thru umbrellas and such. The only thing that I’ve had to compare it with in the past was my smaller Westcott collapsible umbrella (part #2001) that I use on most setups. What I’ve been photographing lately with it is ring shots, awards, and other  detail shots. Since it has a smaller overall circular design, I’ve found that it doesn’t get in the way at events the way my larger shoot thru umbrella did. Nothing is worse than doing a quick table top setup at a reception event with an umbrella when some guest walks by and bangs it with their shoulder or body (insert drunk guests here) 😉 . Seeing how the flash disc doesn’t have any rods or anything else poking out like most umbrellas do, I’ve found it to be a rather smooth setup for situations like this.

Of course with this flash modifier and it’s compact design I’m not trying to light big group shots of 100 people. It’s just not designed for that. Different things for different types of jobs. I’ve found it’s a good item to use in the tool bag of light modifiers when trying to work fast and compact during tight timelines. I can also easily hand hold this on my flash when walking around photographing people at events if needed. It gives a nice diffused quality of light for skin tones that I’ve noticed. (see example pic below) Overall for my quick setups that I need to do at events, this have proved to be a very handy tool for me.  I guess the only thing that Lee will have to worry about will be all of the Chinese knock-offs coming out this time next year of his Flash Disc. (support the local folks!)

Some sample pics below

The first images is a close up shot of the rings using the flash disc on the right side of the camera. Same setup with the images below lighting an award.

Fstoppers flash disc imagesHere I was simply hand holding an SB-800 with the Flash Disc attached.

Fstoppers flash disc example shot

When the Flash Disc is opened up, it’s about 12 1/2″ inches wide. The square patch right under the tape measure is there to help reduce a hot spot from the flash when being used.

This is the universal flash head holder. It’s a stretchy material that allows it to be used with a wide number of flash models.

The material in between the Flash Disc is a neoprene type material that helps to give a nice overall soft light source from the flash.

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So if you are wondering how I’ve been spending a great deal of my time, energy, effort, and money lately………well here you go! The new downtown studio location of Robbin Knight Photography in the historic Harleston Village area. Right on the corner of Wentworth and Rutledge Ave. Also right next door to the awesome florists at Frampton’s Flowers!

downtown charleston sc photography studio

Now I told someone the other day that I would probably not be a very good general contractor/building remodeling by any means. What a learning experience on fixing up an historic building in the downtown area. Projects that I thought might only take a few days ended up takes a few weeks and then when I thought some project might cost a certain amount, it was like triple the price! ha! So I kinda blew my whole timeline (and budget) for when I wanted to really open. Which was a few months ago. 😉 Like anything else, there is always something  to do or improve upon when having a studio location. I’m still setting things up and ordering canvas gallery wraps to go on the walls, but for now we’re open for business!Email or call if you would like to stop in sometime. Or if you happen to be walking around downtown checking out all of the sites, come on in!

downtown Charleston photography studio 1downtown Charleston photography studio 2

So if you still can’t think of where this is in the downtown area, here’s  a quick pic for you. It’s on 162-A Wentworth Street.

downtown Charleston photography studio pics 3 downtown Charleston, SC photography studio pics 4

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We had a great time this 4th of July with our very own neighborhood parade in the morning lead by one of the fire trucks from the City of Charleston Fire Department! How cool is that?! I think that just about every single kid from the neighborhood came out to ride their bikes behind the fire truck. Everyone was decked out with American flags, banners, and some even dressed up in costume for the occasion. Some of the adults even dressed up their golf carts to drive in the parade. We made a quick loop around the block then ended back up at the neighborhood pool for a cookout. Now I realize this wasn’t quite all of the hooplah of the Macy’s fireworks display in New York City for the 4th, but it was pretty cool never the less to see all of the kids so excited and happy just to be in a parade! It was a great sense of community involvement to have fun with all of your neighbors. It reminded me of a funny post that I saw on Facebook yesterday that tied in with the passing of Andy Griffith recently. “We need more Mayberry, and less Jersey Shore…..” Isn’t that the truth! 😉

Here were some quick pics!

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What a great time Austin had playing his first year of t-ball for the St. Andrews Parks and Playground. He had some wonderful coaches and loved every minute of it. It’s really a funny site to see a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds all on a baseball field running for a ball when its hit. As in the Whole entire team chases after the ball! Too Funny! A special thanks to Coach Chad, Chris, and Jason for doing such a great job with all of the little ones! Also thanks to the Savannah Hwy. Chick-fil-A store for their sponsorship and after party that they gave at their store! Looking forward to next year’s season!

Be sure to view the slideshow below!

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