New Year’s Eve Crystal Ball Party at the Marriott Hotel in Charleston, SC

So the guys (Bryan and Greg) at Other Brother Entertainment decided to throw a killer New Year’s Eve party at the Charleston Marriott Hotel downtown. What a party it was! The place was packed! I think the large crystal ballroom holds something close to a thousand people, and if they didn’t hit that, they sure were close to it! There were three different party bands up on stage through out the night along with a special guest DJ. Then for the midnight count down, they had a large projector screen set up showing the Times Square event in NYC. If you missed out, make plans to attend their party next year because it was well worth it! I had a great time photographing the event.   After the slideshow, their is a link to where all of the images can be found online.

Nerd Notes for Camera folks: For most of my “overhead” shots, I used my extension pole with a remote camera on top so that way I could get some above the crowd type of shots. I had a combination of my Radiopoppers and some Calumet RF remotes to trigger off my flashes and camera. I love my Radiopoppers to trigger those flashes! Since so many people have point and shoot cameras at any event that you go to, these are a great way to get around an accidental flash pop and still have complete control of them (flashes)  from across the room.

Be sure to view the slideshow and links below!

New Years Eve 2010 Charleston, SC photography

New Years Eve 2010 Charleston Photography

New Years Eve 2010 Charleston Photography

New Years Eve 2010 Charleston Photography

Slideshow from the Big Party!

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