Charleston Film Festival 2010 – Cold Soldiers Movie Premiere!

My good friends Trevor Erickson and Nick Smith entered their movie, Cold Soldiers, into the first annual Charleston Film Festival last week and won the”Audience Award” for 2010! Yay! I got to play a part as a get-away / stunt driver in the film which was a lot of fun. I have always enjoyed acting and working on films because there are so many people involved when producing and shooting an movie and it really is a lot of time, energy, and effort involved. I think both the guys worked almost three years trying to get this made with little to no budget. The whole crew had a great time at the Terrace Theater for the opening night premiere. Even though the weather was really nasty, a ton of people showed up which was great! I got to shoot some of the images for the movie poster sometime last year and Trevor put the layout design together which I think turned out  really nice! 😉 Trevor also had Force Protection come out to the premiere and bring on of the awesome vehicles to have on display. Force Protection is a local company that builds armored vehicles for all of troops fighting overseas. You probably already saw The Buffalo in the Transformers movie last year and didn’t even know that it was built right here in SC! Also, a big thanks goes out to my friend, Gordon King of ProPac USA, who was nice enough to not only allow us to use is sweet Ford GT40 in the film, but also his BMW. (Gordon was also a credited stunt driver in the film.)

Here’s a link to where all of the images are located: Click Here

Cold Soldiers Movie Poster:

Michael Furlinger of the Terrace Theater introducing some of the movies for the opening night.

Nick and Trevor speaking before the opening of their film.

Sold out showing at the 7:30pm time block.

Two of the actors from the movie who also happen to be photographers here in Charleston, Sasha and Charlie.

My buddies Chris Smith and Charlie Thiel at the premiere.

This is a quick pic of owner Michael Furlinger (in the middle) with Keva and Karen Keys who had the short film, Letters from Home, right before Cold Soldiers opened.

Nick and Trevor beside their movie poster before going into the theater.

My good friend, Gordon King, who was one of the stunt drivers in the film.

Some of the cast of Cold Soldiers: R.W. Smith, Nick Smith, Charlie Thiel, Trevor Erickson, Tom, and Michael Easler.

This was the awesome truck that Force Protection brought out to the premiere. It’s the little baby brother, The Cougar 4×4, to the bigger Buffalo truck that was used in the Transformers movie.

Here’s some of the crew from Force Protection with Nick and Trevor.

The first teaser trailer that was created for the movie: Once I figure out this new blog upgrade to WordPress and how to embed some of the YouTube video trailers, I’ll update this post. Uggh!!!!

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