Carolyn & Jason's Wedding

Just a few weeks ago Carolyn and Jason were married at St. Matthew’s Church in downtown Charleston and then had the reception right next door at the Francis Marion Hotel. Even though it started off with some rain clouds earlier in the day, the clouds cleared away and the sunshine came out. Both Carolyn and Jason are pharmacists and they had some of the coolest party favors for family and  guests that I think I have ever seen. In some of the shots below you will see a bunch of prescription bags labeled with their name and date on them along with a prescription bottles filled with M&M’s. They even had a groom’s cake made to look like the old RX symbol that you would see in drug stores! So cool! 

Be sure to check out their wedding slideshow below at the bottom of this post. You will need to make sure that you have the latest Adobe Flash player in order to view it. You can download it for free here

Also, all of their images will be on my brand new online shopping cart. I’m really excited about it and hope that I have all the kinks worked out by now! ha! Be sure to leave me a comment on how you like or don’t like the new setup. 


A dress shot with a few actions applied to it……….



Gotta have some shoe shots in there too!





I loved this shot of the “last minute” looks.








This church was so nice on the outside that I had to get a “full” perspective shot! ;-)



Even though the wind was whipping all over the place, I figured that we needed to take advantage of it.






So I thought I would try out some remote flash on the carriage ride to add a little bit of light to the bride and groom.








This is what I was talking about!! Now how cool is this to have for your family and guests to pick up when they leave. To bad those prescription bottles were only filled with M&M’s……….






Click on the slideshow below to see even more images from their big day!!!

In case you have problems viewing the slideshow here, just click on this direct link.

Carolyn / Robbin, Without even seeing all of our images, I know that you provided the absolute best service and creativity we could have asked for. These pictures on your blog are AMAZING! and captured so many emotions and great memories from our special day. I am absolutely in love with the wide angle of us in front of the church with the blue sky. I don't think I even realized that the sky was blue at all that day with all of the rain. That is definitely a shot to get blown up:) We can't wait to see the rest! YAY! Carolyn and Jason 5/24/09   11.30.1999- 12:00am 
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