So it was finally time to go to the barber shop and get little man’s haircut for the very first time! We were very lucky because I figured that he was going to pitch a fit in the chair, but he did so good! Maybe it was the fact that both sets of grandparents were there, cell phones in hand, taking pictures and making so much noise that he didn’t know what to do! Thanks to my barber Howard at Frank’s Barber shop on Hwy 61 for doing such a great job with the little squirt. He sure was working fast with those scissors!


Mr. Cutie himself!





Uh, why are all of these people staring at me???



This was just too funny not to post. All of the grandparents with cell phones taking pictures!



The first clump of little hair.



Hey! I’m done. Let’s hit the road now!




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Leighanne and I got to slip out last night to take in some professional tennis at the Family Cirlce Cup tennis championship going on this week at Daniels Island. This is really a top notch production that is put on every year here in town. We got lucky because being a member of the Charleston CVB, we got free tickets to the deluxe Family Circle skybox! This is where all the major sponsors get to hang out and watch some incredible tennis matches. I don’t really know to many of the players, just folks like Venus and Serena Williams when I see them around. My good friend and fellow photographer, Chris Smith, is one of the official FCC sports shooters for the event. Down below are some of his images that hang on the outside of the stadium. Now when I say on the “outside” I mean 40×47 foot monster images that you can see from like half mile away! We were so hungry afterwards, that we tried an awesome Chinese restaurant called the Dragon Palace right across from the stadium. I had the best pineapple shrimp fried rice that I have ever eaten! Yummy!



Just hanging out with the mascot!



Quick shot from one part of the main stadium.



We even got to see one of our good friends Jennifer who was working the event! I’ve only know her husband Kevin since like middle school! ;-)



Hangin’ out in the skybox way up top!






I really liked the low hanging clouds in this shot.



One of my friends Patrick Bryant (2nd guy) who runs Go To Team which is a great production company here in town.



Now this is one of those huge shots that my friend Chris took as an official FCC shooter for the event.



A quick night time shot leaving the stadium. I can’t remember if Chris or my other friend Doug Cunningham took this one of Serena Williams.



Here’s were we had an incredible dinner. If you are ever on Daniels Island, you need to check this place out!



Someone was enjoying their meal I think……..



So this was my fortune cookie saying. I hope that is right! ;-)



This was what Leigh got.I hope that translates into winning the lottery! ha!




Granny B. / Yeah, they were able to 'slip out' because Granny B had the "Au-some Austin"...but she also got some of that wonderful pineapple rice! Great pics, hope you do it again.   11.30.1999- 12:00am 

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday and got to spend some time with family and friends like we did! We even had little Austin an Easter egg hunt in the front yard of grandma’s house. I should have taken a couple of quick pics of the huge carrot cake that our friends Mike and Susan invited us over for after lunch. It was like four layers high and must have had a pound of sugar in each slice! Wow, that was some good cake….:-)

Somebody with his egg stash.



This one wasn’t to hard to try and find.



Someone loved to pick up the eggs, then toss them out of his basket!



My two cuties!




I think his mother enjoyed playing “dress-up” with him…..


Quick little video here:

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So I got to photograph Megan and Mat’s wedding on Gold Bug Island last weekend. Now for the locals here in town who don’t know exactly where that is…..when heading towards Sullivan’s Island, its just before the Ben Sawyer Bridge. They were such a fun, laid back couple that it was a blast to be at their wedding. I could tell that the reception time was going to be a fun one! Check out the slideshow for more pics!


Just some dress and shoes shot….





A really cool old hot rod that took the bride to the ceremony. 



A quick shot of Megan as she waits for her father to walk her down the aisle.





So the bridesmaids decided they wanted to have a little fun with the groom…….



So Megan and Mat wanted to change into something a little more comfortable for their reception time.





Leaving under a shower of sparklers.



For a direct link to all of the images that are online, simply click the shopping cart icon on the slideshow or just go here.

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