First "Big Boy" Haircut

So it was finally time to go to the barber shop and get little man’s haircut for the very first time! We were very lucky because I figured that he was going to pitch a fit in the chair, but he did so good! Maybe it was the fact that both sets of grandparents were there, cell phones in hand, taking pictures and making so much noise that he didn’t know what to do! Thanks to my barber Howard at Frank’s Barber shop on Hwy 61 for doing such a great job with the little squirt. He sure was working fast with those scissors!


Mr. Cutie himself!





Uh, why are all of these people staring at me???



This was just too funny not to post. All of the grandparents with cell phones taking pictures!



The first clump of little hair.



Hey! I’m done. Let’s hit the road now!




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