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Custom Designed, Fine-Art Wedding Albums
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Gina & Bart's Wedding Album
Ella & Jeremy's Wedding Album
Amy and Joe's Wedding Album
Erin & Doug's Wedding Album
Shellie & Joe's Wedding Album
Amy and Todd's Wedding Album
Kristin & Brian's Wedding Album
Heidi & John Photobook Mini Album
Heidi & John's Wedding Album
Stacy & Geoff's Wedding Album
Laurie & Claude's Wedding Album
Pixie & Buck's Wedding Album
Amy & Neil's Wedding Album
Erin & Ben's Wedding Album
Carrie & Wes Wedding Album
Amy & David's Wedding Album
Amy & Jim's Wedding Album
Lesley & Matthew's Wedding Album
Andrea & JC's Wedding Album
Kathy & Paul's Wedding Album
Kate & Adam's Wedding Album
Megan & Matt's Wedding Album
Jessie & David's Wedding Album
Jennifer & DJ's Wedding Album
Nikki & Adam's Wedding Album
Tara & Joe's Wedding Album
Tabetha & Alex's Wedding Album
Meghan & Ryan's Wedding Album
Jackie & Rob's Wedding Album
Phyllis & Spencer Wedding Album
Heather & Matthews Wedding Album
Erin & Ryan's Wedding Album
Laura & Patrick's Wedding Album
Cari & William's Wedding Album

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Megan & Matt's Wedding Slideshow
Megan & Matt's Engagement
Andrea & JC's Wedding Slideshow
Andrea & JC Engagement Pics
Jessie & David's Engagement Slideshow
Nicole & Adam's Engagement Slideshow
Kathy & Paul's Wedding Slideshow
Kate & Adam's Slideshow
Lesley & Matt's Wedding Slideshow
Kate & Adam's Engagement Session
Pixie & Buck's Wedding Slideshow
Amy & Jim's Wedding Slideshow
Ella & Jeremy's Wedding Slideshow
Ella and Jeremy Engagement Session
Matt & Erin's Suprise Proposal Slideshow
Jennifer & DJ Engagement Slideshow
Tara & Joseph's Wedding Slideshow
Tara and Joseph Engagement Pics
Melissa and Fred's Slideshow
Carrie & Patrick's Slideshow
Meg and Ryan's Slideshow
Amy and Neil's Slideshow
Carrie and Wes' Slideshow
Carrie and Wes Engagement Pics
Laurie and Claude's Slideshow
Laurie and Claude Engagement Pics
Erin and Ben's Slideshow
Erin and Ben's Engagement Pics
Amy and David's Slideshow
Heidi and John's Slideshow
Erin and Doug's Slideshow
Erin & Doug's E-Session
Shellie and Joe's Slideshow
Stacy & Geoff's Slideshow
Kristin & Brian's Slideshow
Amy & Matt's Slideshow
Lyles & Stephen's Slideshow
Amy & Todd's Slideshow
Shellie & Joe E - Session Slideshow
Elizabeth & Charles Slideshow
Sara & Brad's Slideshow
Gina & Bart's Slideshow
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Amy & Joe's Slideshow
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Kara & Todd's Slideshow
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Justine & Brad's Slideshow
Baby Austin
Multiple Sclerosis Society Fundraising Event
Jennifer & DJ Wedding Slideshow
Charleston International Film Festival 2008
Jackie & Rob's Engagement Slideshow
Laura & Patrick's Engagement Slideshow
Jessie & David's Slideshow
Nikki & Adam's Slideshow
Baby Braden
Tabetha & Alex's Slideshow
Jackie & Rob's Slideshow
Carolyn & Jason's Engagement Slideshow
Laura & Patrick's Wedding Slideshow
Phyllis & Spencer's Slideshow
Heather & Matthew's Wedding Slideshow
Erin & Ryan's Wedding Slideshow
Cari & William's Wedding Slideshow
Megan & Mat's Wedding Slideshow
Carolyn & Jason's Wedding Slideshow
Melissa & Cam's Wedding Slideshow
Amber & Chris Engagement Slideshow
Amber & Chris Sign In Book
Betsy & Richard's Wedding Slideshow

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We understand that your wedding day is the most important day of your life,
and it's our mission to capture every special moment, but more important
to capture those 'candid' moments that may otherwise be missed.

We specialize in 'candid' photography referred to as photojournalism.
We keep a low, non-obtrusive profile, but rest assured your day is well documented.
We welcome the opportunity to capture those moments and provide you
with the fondest memories of your special day in every detail.

We only shoot one wedding per day so we can be flexible with times.
We are now shooting with Nikon high resolution SLR digital cameras.
Pin-sharp images that are truly incredible, you will be amazed at the results.


We welcome the opportunity to meet with the bride and her family
well in advance of the wedding to ensure a friendly working relationship.
We call you a few days before the wedding to update any details and changes.

The photographers always arrive early so they are prepared for any eventuality.

Need a videographer?

Check out Trevor Erickson at