What are the costs of your services?

Please refer to our pricing page.

Is there a consultation charge?

There is no consultation charge.

Is a retainer required?

Yes, your retainer is required to hold your wedding date.
This will secure 2 photographers for your day.
We only shoot one wedding per day so our time is flexible.

(The retainer is non refundable due to the fact that we
only book one wedding a day and pass on other clients
since we have locked down your date.)

The album deposit is due when the design is approved.

When should I reserve my date?

As soon as possible after you have set the wedding date.
Please remember Spring, Summer and Fall are busy periods.

How many photographs will be taken?

Please refer to the pricing page for more information.

What kind of photographs do you take?

We take spontaneous photographs
of events as they happen in a candid / photojournalistic style.
Semi formal shots (posed shots in existing light or on-camera flash)
will also be taken of important people in your life at your request.
Please don't hesitate to make special requests.

Who keeps the original images?

We do and you do to! We create backups of all your wedding images on dvd
and on external hard drives both on and off location.
Proof options are available after you receive your wedding album.
If you want to purchase any prints once they have expired on Pictage after your wedding,
just email us and we will upload them back on
Pictage.com for you to view and purchase.

Our church doesn't allow flash - is that a problem?

No. Our digital camera's adjust for low-light situations on the fly.
We find out the rules of the church and follow them.

How long before I get my photographs?

You will see a pre-designed album online in about 1 to 2 weeks after your wedding.
*(also depending on the busy season's)*
You will be able to have your friends and family see your pictures online
at Pictage.com after you release the event. (see Album info)

What kind of cameras do you use?

Several high resolution Nikon SLR digital camera's.
These cameras enable us to shoot in various lighting conditions
without having to use a flash or switch "film" speeds.
They produce high quality digital images.

email us with questions.
Also you can call on (843) 766-8990