The FlashBus Tour rolling through Atlanta, GA………

Over the weekend I took my father in-law to check out the incredible FlashBus tour that David Hobby and Joe McNally are currently doing right now. They have a 29 city stop and are traveling something like 13,000 thousand miles across the country on a tour bus. Wow, that’s got to be a stinky bus by now. ha! The workshop was great and I got to see two people who I really respect and appreciate for all that they have done in the world of photography. For all of the workshops out there, these two guys are genuine, honest, and really tell you how it is. No fluff, just the good stuff, and that’s how I like it! Keep up the good work guys! Here’s some quick pics of the tour in Atlanta, GA. ;-)

Flash Bus Tour in Atlanta, GA

Me with Mr. Strobist himself, David Hobby……

So I didn’t even realize the background of this pic until I started editing some images. I think McNally does this in any picture with David Hobby in it…… ha!

Joe McNally and David Hobby

In this image, there is Joe McNally, his assistant Drew, and Jeff from Adorama who is the main sponsor of the tour.

Joe McNally and the Flashbus Tour

Paster Joe ;-)   up on the stage…..

Joe McNally on stage at the Flash Bus Tour

Here’s some quick pics of Joe McNally working his TTL magic up on stage. The first image was a guy from the audience and the last two images was Joe trying to trigger all of the Nikon flashes in the audience. He was having a bit of trouble trying to get his master flash to trigger all of us out in the dark auditorium, but he managed to fire off a ton of them. Cool!

Joe McNally Flash Bus Tour Nikon TTL flash lighting

There was a special guest in attendance for the Flash Bus Tour, Mr. Weddings himself, David Ziser. I follow all of the tips and tricks from his blog all of the time. He’s great!

David Ziser at the Flash Bus Tour

Here was Mr. Numnuts, Joe McNally and Mr. Strobist, David Hobby, answering all of our questions up on stage……

Joe McNally and David Hobby on the Flashbus Tour

Flashbus Tour signage on the Atlanta, GA center

So while in “Hotlanta”, we got to meet up with my sister in-law Lindsay at Ted’s Montana Grill which is right outside of the CNN Center. Good bison burgers for sure!

Ted's Montana Grill in Atlanta, GA

Oh yeah, there was this little thing called Wrestlemania going on next door to where we where. There were so many people around wearing their championship belts and gear from the WWE. If we would have had more time and not gotten stuck in the Atlanta airport trying to get home, we probably would have tried to see it. This thing was huge!

Wrestlemania in Atlanta, GA

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