Surprise Proposal at Waterfront Park in Charleston, SC

I really do love photographing surprise proposals. I always pre plan everything with the guys ahead of time like where I’ll be hiding in the bushes! ha! We always go over the location details, the timeline, what the couple will be wearing, what are my cues before he goes down on his knee, etc. I even find myself getting nervous and excited waiting for the moment to happen because I know how the guy feels. I remember being so nervous myself when I asked my wife over 10 years ago now. Sweaty palms, shortness of breath, heart beating a mile a minute! Hoping that she says YES! Ugh! :-) Well luckily for Ramin,  Tanya said yes and since they have been dating for over 4 years now, I think that she knew the question was coming sooner than later. Congratulations to the both of you! I was so happy to be a part of this very special occasion. Now since it was my birthday and I was already full of cake and ice cream, I thought it was a pretty cool way to end the night!

Be sure to view their slideshow below along with some quick pics!

surprise proposal photography in Charleston, SC

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