Surprise Proposal at Magnolia Gardens in Charleston, SC

Bo and I had planned his special surprise proposal at Magnolia Gardens for a couple of weeks ahead of time. Of course a cold front moved in and it was a very chilly January morning earlier in the week. Rarely do I have to break out hand warmer packets to keep my fingers warm to operate the camera. I was just thankful that the rain had moved out from the day before when we were originally scheduled for this shoot. Now I’ve photographed a lot of proposals in the past, but this one had an extra “tense” moment to it. While Bo was on the famous white bridge down on one knee, I heard the ring fall out of his hand and start rolling down the walkway of the bridge. I was so scared that I was going to hear a “ker-plop” of something falling into the water! Luckily fate was on the side of Bo that day because he didn’t have to dive into the cold,  murky swamp water to try and save an engagement ring. Oh that would have been sooo cold on that day. (although I would have made sure to get some good images if it had…ha! ) Overall it was a beautiful day with a gorgeous couple in a historic plantation setting. How can you get better than that! :-) Congrats again to both of you!

Be sure to click on their slideshow below along with the image collage!

magnolia gardens surprise proposal images from Charleston SC

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