Engagement in Death Valley!

Well, that would be Clemson Universities Death Valley football stadium! ;-) Both Amber and Chris are Clemson graduates and what better place to do some engagement shots than on the Clemson campus! Chris first asked Amber to marry him at Lake Hartwell in the upstate so to start off we did a few pics at Amber’s grandparents lake house that they own. He had this whole set up where the two of them would be out in the boat on the lake and he popped the question while Amber was looking at a slideshow on their Ipod! Technology these days! After the lake we traveled up the road to the Clemson campus to do some shooting. Then with a few connections that Amber was able to use, we were able to get inside the football stadium to do some shots. Now how cool is that being a huge Clemson football fan and graduate to have part of your engagement session there. (For those of you who wouldn’t understand, you just have to be a football fan……)


Be sure to click on their engagement slideshow at the bottom of this post. Here’s another link for all of their images that are online.


Out on the dock at Amber’s grandparents lakehouse on Lake Hartwell, SC.





Now this was at the botanical gardens on the Clemson campus. I don’t know why a big red train engine is there, but I thought it would make a fun shot!



For all of you Clemson fans, you should know where this is! It’s right in front of Tillman Hall.



Alright! Now we’re talking! We had the whole entire stadium to ourselves!



This was taken in front of the new “west end” of the stadium that was built not to long ago.




Thought I would go with the “wide lens” and try to capture as much of the stadium as possible. I like how the word “Tigers” is painted in the stands.



I always ask my couples if they like to do anything that is special and unique to them. How fitting that both Amber and Chris have their own jerseys that they like to wear! It fit perfectly down on the field!



Now c’mon folks, how many people can say that they got to lay down on the 50 yard line in the Clemson football stadium and have their engagement session??? How incredibly cool is that!!



This is the famous hill that only the football players and the coach get to run down before every home game. I just had to get some “action” shots here!



Now I just had to have Chris do his best “Heisman Trophy” pose……….



This is the rock that all the players and coaches rub right before a big game!



Ok, so why did I sit them on these particular seats in the stadium? They happen to belong to Amber’s grandparents who have had them for like the past 25 years or so! Her grandparents haven’t missed a home game yet! Now that’s dedication to the game! Not to bad of seats to have year round, eh???



Just had to do a “ring shot” on “the rock”!



Be sure to click on their engagement slideshow below! Also, here is a link to the gallery where all of their images are located.

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