Well a few weeks ago we were at my wife’s most favorite place in the whole world to visit, Auburn University! ha! I know that if we didn’t live and have family in Charleston, she would so want to move to Auburn, Al in a second! So we went to my sister in-law Christie’s graduation ceremony on Aug. 10th. Now this girl has worked long and hard for this degree. After working in NY for Ralph Lauren designing children’s clothes and then getting married and having two children, this was a major accomplishment! I am so proud of her! Yay Christie! ;-)




Her cute little family! It was only like 95 degrees or something when this shot was taken! 



Now this was too funny not to post up. I didn’t even notice the girl standing behind Christie until I was processing all the images. There were probably a lot of college grads who will be looking for work like this girl.



I wanted to include a shot of the nose bleed seats that we had during the ceremony. As you can tell, I had to “reach” out a long ways with my lens to grab some shots!




Ok, so I have to do a little setup for you on this shot. Now this is the AU sign right in front of Samford Hall that is on campus. It’s probably the most photographed spot in all of Auburn. So there was a line of graduates all the way down the street waiting to have their shot with the sign and Samford Hall behind them.( About a full hours wait time.) Seeing how we only had a few minutes before Christie had to be seated inside, I thought I would make my own shot. So I’m standing in the median of the street with cars whizzing by me and people all over the place getting in my shot. I had my brother in law stand just a few feet down from her with my off camera flash to help throw some extra light. People who had been standing in line were giving us these weird looks as to what we were trying to do. What would have taken them (people standing in line) an hour to do, I grabbed in about 5 minutes! Oh yeah!



Here’s a quick little slideshow of some other pics. If you want to see all the images that are online, just click here.

Robbin's Mom / WAR EAGLE, CHRISTIE! You have outdone yourself! Congratulations and love, Barbara   11.30.1999- 12:00am 
Leighanne Knight / Christie you look amazing! We are so proud of you and your accomplishment!   11.30.1999- 12:00am 

I had the opportunity to photograph a beautiful wedding in the upstate of South Carolina, Pendleton, SC to be exact, at the historic Woodburn Plantation House. Amber and Chris got married on July 25th and eventhough you’re probably thinking that would be a scorcher or a month to get married, the weather was great later in the afternoon. I must say that I am a little biased with this wedding because it also happens to be my wife’s cousin, Amber,  who was getting married. ;-) No pressure with the family, eh?!! All of the flowers were done with several family members help and they all looked wonderful! Although I was really working hard, it’s always nice to see all the family together in one spot!

Be sure to click on their slideshow at the bottom of this post. You can also see their engagement, rehearsal, bridal luncheon, and wedding images all in one place located here.


Amber just looked so radiant in her wedding dress.



In front of the Woodburn Plantation House in Pendleton, SC.





Now my good friend, Ruth Rackley, who was shooting with me got some great stuff at the wedding. Here is one of the “Clemson” cake shots and then another one of them walking down the aisle together with some post processing by me.



A late night shot of the plantation house.



Be sure to click on the wedding slideshow below! Also, for all of their wedding images online, just go here.

LeAnne Johnson / Beautiful pictures, with all the attention of professioanlism. Thanks for capturing some truly memorable photos. You really captured the true love present in the bride and groom and the happiness for them from family and friends.   11.30.1999- 12:00am 

Lucy and Matt were in town the other week checking out all of their cool venues for their upcoming wedding in October, so I told them let’s go downtown and get some engagement pics! I can’t wait for their wedding because they are getting married on the Kiawah Island Ocean Golf Course and then traveling over to the SC Aquarium for their reception. It sounds like it is going to be a really great event! Oh, and you can tell from the photos and the slideshow that they are big Ohio State fans! I tell everyone that I am an Auburn fan by marriage because all of my wife’s family went there. Take a big guess as to where she wants our son Austin to go. (all I can say about that is he needs to get a scholorship! Cha-ching! ;-)  

Congratulations to the both of you! We’re going to have a fun time in October!

Be sure to click on the slideshow at the bottom of this post. You can also view all of their engagement pics online here.





Just having some fun at Waterfront park downtown!



A little “Ohio State” colors for ya!



Be sure to click on the slideshow below!

Teri Fitzgerald / Awesome! So fun! :) Looking forward to October!   11.30.1999- 12:00am 
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