Just before Thanksgiving, Sarah and Will got married at the Waterfront Park located in

downtown Charleston. They had such a great wedding right in front of the pineapple water

fountain over looking the river. Then they hopped into a horse drawn carriage and took a

romantiac tour around the city before they headed to their reception at High Cotton. Will had

the cutest little girl and boy who were attendantants in their bridal party! Congratulations to

the both of you!!

Be sure to view their wedding slideshow at the end of this post. You can also view all of their images online here.

I just loved the little flowergirl sitting on the bed waiting for all the fun to start!


Here’s a shot of the beautiful bride Sarah and her flowergirl as she gets ready. Heath (pictured here) was working so hard to get everything ready. He did a wonderful job!


I loved the blue sky just at sunset as Sarah was walking down the aisle.


Now since we were at Waterfront Park and I had shot an engagement session here earlier this year, I knew if I placed some off camera flashes around the area and lit the water fountain, I would get some great shots of the two of them. I love my remote RadioPoppers to control my flashes!


Be sure to view their wedding slideshow below:

2009 wedding photography and engagement pictures | Charleston Wedding Photographer, Portrait Photography - Robbin Knight Photography / [...] Sarah and Will at Waterfront Park Lucy and Matt at Kiawah Ocean Course Katrina and Chad’s wedding at Middleton Place Plantation Amber & Chris’ wedding Melissa & Cam’s wedding pictures Carolyn & Jason’s wedding photos Melissa & Mick at the Thomas Bennett House Lisa & Robert at Magnolia Gardens Megan & Mat on Gold Bug Island [...]   11.21.2010- 12:30am 
dorik / Nice pictures!   11.30.1999- 12:00am 
Chris & Cami / Hey Robbin! LOVE the shots of the ceremony with the Radio Poppers, and the ones at the other fountain afterwards. GREAT STUFF!!!   11.30.1999- 12:00am 

Yep, it’s that time of year again when it takes a little longer to get out of the

bed because you’re a year older than before. ;-) So besides having my

beautiful wife and son fix me breakfast this morning and get some gifts, I

got an email from an organization that I am a member of called ISPWP. It’s

the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers. There are

photographers from all over the world who are members with  some

incredible talent to say the least! Each quarter they have a photo

competition between all the members and I thought I would submit a few

that I had. Since this is the first time I have ever entered anything like this, I

wasn’t expecting to much. To my surprise, I found out that I placed in the

Top 20 of my catagory, Venues and Locations. Wow! That’s so cool! I

totally wasn’t expecting that and what a nice birthday surprise to wake up

to!! I submitted a beautiful wedding that I shot at Cypress Gardens last year.

Heather and Matthew were married last November and at Cypress Gardens

they place the bride in a canoe and paddle her through the awesome cypress

trees to get out at a dock near the wedding site. It was such a fun wedding

and we got some great shots! Thanks to all my “Facebook” friends and folks

emailing me B-Day wishes! You guys are great and I love ya’ll! Here’s

another link to the site.



Chris & Cami / CONGRATULATIONS, Old Man! :-) I love that shot. You rock!!!   11.30.1999- 12:00am 
Mom / No surprise to me! I knew you were a winner all the time! Love, Mom   11.30.1999- 12:00am 
Bill Loftin / Nice!!!!!! Very interesting work. I can see a tremendous amount of love in your work. Mad Props my friend. ( sometimes bananas can be green; but I put yellow anyhow.lol.)   11.30.1999- 12:00am 
Susan / That's awesome. What a great birthday suprise.   11.30.1999- 12:00am 
Leighanne Knight / I'm so proud of you! You rock!   11.30.1999- 12:00am 

The other week I had the honor of photographing Lucy and Matt’s wedding out at the Kiawah Ocean Course clubhouse. This is a beautiful place that sits right on the ocean with the 18th hole right behind the club house. As always during this time of year there is a chance of rain, but the clouds held out and it turned out to be a gorgeous day! After the ceremony, we ran by the Kiawah Sanctuary Hotel to grab a few shots on their incredible staircase. Then the bridal party took the “party bus” downtown the the SC Aquarium for their reception. That’s such a fun place to have a reception because it’s not everyday that you get to have several thousand gallons of water with fish from all over the world swimming by as you dance the night away! Oh, and the kids just love the place. Who wouldn’t! ;-) Victoria from Frampton’s Flowers made all the incredible arrangements and Coastal Videography was their to document everything on video. Jim Smeal of Wedding Cakes by Jim Smeal created their cool cake.

Be sure to view their wedding slideshow at the bottom of this post. You can also click on the link to view all of the images online.

Lucy’s wedding dress just hanging out…… ;-)


Thanks to my buddy, Chris Smith, for helping me out with some great shots through out the day. We have a great time working together. I also have to thank Kirsten King for coming out and really getting her feet wet with “wedding photography”. I think that she was glad she wore some comfortable shoes! ha!


Somebody was so happy for her special day!



What a great day we had for their wedding!


Since this was such a great wedding party, I figured I’d let them have some fun with it! Yes, I did tell the pregnant bridesmaid (far left)  to “fake” her jump. ;-)


Now isn’t this just the coolest wedding cake?!! Created by Jim Smeal.


Be sure to view the wedding slideshow below. Here’s a direct link for all the images that are online.

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So we had an awesome Halloween party at my sister in-laws house yesterday with all the kiddies! Of course I had to do a couple of quick pics of the kids who were there. Our little man Austin was such a super cute cowboy! I guess you shouldn’t call a cowboy cute, but he sure had a fun time! If you need to find your child’s picture, just email me and I’ll send you the link to all of the images online.


Our family portrait! ;-) I just had to put the “mullet” wig on Austin!



All the kiddies who came to the party! What a cute bunch!



Here’s our awesome little cowboy. I’ve been getting this “look” a good bit these days. Almost kinda like “ok dad, hurry up and take the picture…..”



Austin and his cousin Bryson digging through the pumpkin looking for more candy. Just what a 2 year olds need, more sugar to go crazy!



Austin having a grand ol’ time just a swingin’.



Now Leigh’s cousin, John K., is a chef here in town and of course he had to make some cool designs for the kids. Gotta love the watermelon brains and gummy worms. The other one that he made was cut in half and you opened it to scoop out watermelon balls to eat. That’s either really creative, or really disturbing depending on how you look at it…….


Lara / LOVE IT!!!! But I think Austin should be a ghost next year, you know the one with blinking eyes!!! LOL   11.30.1999- 12:00am 
Sarah Ellen / Robbin, as usual, great job on the pics. I am amazed at how much Austin has changed from the last pics I saw.   11.30.1999- 12:00am 

Even the threat of rain and thunderstorms couldn’t hold back the special wedding day of Katrina

and Chad at Middleton Place Plantation and Gardens. I had all of my umbrella’s and rain

poncho’s ready to go, but thank goodness

it turned out to be a beautiful day. We photographers

love when it is overcast and cloudy because we don’t have to worry about harsh shadows or

people sweating and having shiny spots all over them! ;-) It was such a beautiful location that’s

its hard to get a bad shot out there. According to the plantation, they are America’s oldest

landscaped gardens. Katrina was so radiant walking down the aisle I thought for sure that Chad

was going to tear up, but he held up strong! A big thanks to my friend, Joey, at Olive

Productions for helping me out 2nd shooting. Also the band, Two 3 Ways from Other Brother

Entertainment was rockin’ the reception as always! Stage Presence had a great clear top tent

set up for the reception area. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Woolery! ;-)

Be sure to view their wedding slideshow below!

Just getting some help with some earrings………


Here’s a shot of Chad and his groomsmen from my friend, Joey at Olive Productions.


They had a great clear top tent set up by Stage Presence for the reception.


Here’s a quick shot of Katrina by one of the ponds right before her cermony. Doesn’t she look great here!


I caught this one right before her father was walking her up the old stairway out onto the butterfly lake area.


Another shot by my buddy Joey as Katrina was walking down the aisle………



I loved this with the two of them right after their wedding standing on the old ruins of the plantation steps.




Leaving through a sea of bubbles at their reception!


Be sure to view their slideshow below for more images from their wedding. Also a direct link to all of their images online can be found here.

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Congrats to my friend Eric Bass of the rock band Shinedown! He has been with the group for about two years now and they have some songs on the radio that most of you are familiar with. So I thought I would post some links off of VH1’s website. Eric and I knew each other from high school and he and my wife used to play in the high school band together. This is a long way from marching on a field for a football game! ha! Oh yeah, they will be in Myrtle Beach on Oct. 20th at the House of Blues and I’m planning on going to check them out! WooHoo! If the video is slow to load for you, just click on the Shinedown link above.

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Well since Kayne West had his big upset at the VMA’s last week, this was the latest that he has been up to. This was just too funny not to post up! Thanks for the link, Christie!


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Since Katrina and Chad are getting married at the end of the month we thought since they were both in town that we should do their engagment session asap! Katrina grew up here in Charleston, but they will both be living in Austin, TX once they tie the knot on the 26th! They are getting married at the beautiful Middleton Place plantation right near the river on the butterfly lakes. It’s such a great place to have a wedding. I can’t wait! There’s not a bad photograph in the whole place because everywhere you look is just a gorgeous backdrop of scenery. I never get to do late night shots down at Waterfront park, so this turned out really nice! Congratulations to the both of you! ;-)


For all of thier images that are online, just click here or at the link provided at the end of the slideshow.



I loved the beautiful sunset that we had behind the buildings!



I thought that I would try to “light up” the water a bit and added another remote flash off in the distance.


Be sure to click on their engagement slideshow below!

Chris & Cami / These are AMAZING, Robbin! I love the creative lighting with the fountain lit up and the dramatic sky...great stuff my friend!   11.30.1999- 12:00am 

Well a few weeks ago we were at my wife’s most favorite place in the whole world to visit, Auburn University! ha! I know that if we didn’t live and have family in Charleston, she would so want to move to Auburn, Al in a second! So we went to my sister in-law Christie’s graduation ceremony on Aug. 10th. Now this girl has worked long and hard for this degree. After working in NY for Ralph Lauren designing children’s clothes and then getting married and having two children, this was a major accomplishment! I am so proud of her! Yay Christie! ;-)




Her cute little family! It was only like 95 degrees or something when this shot was taken! 



Now this was too funny not to post up. I didn’t even notice the girl standing behind Christie until I was processing all the images. There were probably a lot of college grads who will be looking for work like this girl.



I wanted to include a shot of the nose bleed seats that we had during the ceremony. As you can tell, I had to “reach” out a long ways with my lens to grab some shots!




Ok, so I have to do a little setup for you on this shot. Now this is the AU sign right in front of Samford Hall that is on campus. It’s probably the most photographed spot in all of Auburn. So there was a line of graduates all the way down the street waiting to have their shot with the sign and Samford Hall behind them.( About a full hours wait time.) Seeing how we only had a few minutes before Christie had to be seated inside, I thought I would make my own shot. So I’m standing in the median of the street with cars whizzing by me and people all over the place getting in my shot. I had my brother in law stand just a few feet down from her with my off camera flash to help throw some extra light. People who had been standing in line were giving us these weird looks as to what we were trying to do. What would have taken them (people standing in line) an hour to do, I grabbed in about 5 minutes! Oh yeah!



Here’s a quick little slideshow of some other pics. If you want to see all the images that are online, just click here.

Robbin's Mom / WAR EAGLE, CHRISTIE! You have outdone yourself! Congratulations and love, Barbara   11.30.1999- 12:00am 
Leighanne Knight / Christie you look amazing! We are so proud of you and your accomplishment!   11.30.1999- 12:00am 
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